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fire detection service

Fire Detection & Protection

Providing best quality fire detection/protection system solutions with competitive price according to the consultant drawings and BS/NFPA standards as well as CIDA & local fire brigade requirements

Installing fire safety

Supply and Installation of Safety Items

Supplying & installing fire & safety items such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, exit lights, emergency lights, etc

Repairing and Improving Existing Systems

Repairing and Improving existing fire protection/detection systems
with considering BS/NFPA standards as well as Fire Brigade comment

Installing ELV

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems

Designing, Supplying, installing & commissioning below Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems

  • Access Control System
  • Camera Control Television Systems (CCTV
  • Communication System
  • Public Address and General Address System
LV installation

Designing , Supplying, installing & commissioning of LV (Low Voltage) System

  • Providing energy efficient electrical system design proposa
  • Low voltage electrical system installation, testing and commissioning
  • Design and installation of lighting protection systems
  • Supply, installation and termination of MDB and SDB
  • Supply, installation and termination of motor control panels
  • Cable management systems
  • Testing and commissioning of electrical circuits and systems
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